I give motivational speeches that get you involved.

I love to motivate people, to help them to more love and happiness in job and private life and at the same time that they feel “their inner beat” again.

I also talk about all my topics on stage: about my consulting and coaching topics and about “love what you do”.

I listed some of my speaking topics here on this page. Feel free to contact me for more topics.

I have already worked with over 40 nationalities and give my speeches in German and English.

Feel your inner beat

– march to your own drum

Often it is not so easy for us to pay attention to ourselves and to take care of ourselves – in the noisy everyday life we lose sight of this and forget to perceive our “inner beat”.

Yet this is so important: In harmony with ourselves, we can interact much better with others and also work together.

In this engaging and interactive speech, the audience will learn how to feel the inner beat again (their own, their team’s, the company’s …):

As a surprise effect, I drum live on stage and encourage the audience to join in. (Japanese drumming/Taiko)

Optionally, this lecture is also suitable as team building for drumming along.

Love what you do

– work and live more successfully and happily with the heart formula

We definitely can’t always just do what we already love. But we can learn to love what we do.
Most of the time we don’t have to change everything – often a few tweaks are enough.

In this talk I make clear what can help the audience to be happier and more successful in their (working) life. I have worked with a wide variety of people (from trainees to top managers, in corporate structures and for private individuals) and helped them to finally, again or even more love what they do.

More topics

Of course, I also talk about other topics and give speeches also on your desired topic. In addition, I am happy to adapt the content to your needs, for a specific target group or a special event character.

Just look at my topic overview and then talk to me. Together with you I will design a presentation that fits you exactly! For example, time management and self-organization can become “Time management for creative minds”.


(in German, for English examples please contact me)

Happy customers.

“Your workshop on “The Work of Byron Katie” at my Yinpower Congress you gave with a lightness and led us all into our own inquiry of our thoughts and supposed truth. It was fun to feel you with your liveliness. The stage suits you and the topic too, so keep it up! Thanks for being there!”

Jessica Selge

Initiator and event organizer of the Yinpower Congress (translated German testimonial)

“I have seen Janina with her presentation “Feel your inner beat” on stage or better experienced!!! She immediately captivated me with her story! Her way of telling made every moment of her journey come alive, I was in the middle of it and fully in the rhythm. Thank you, for your infectious beat, dear Janina”

Andrea Verspohl

YEAH! (translated German testimonial)

“Feel your inner beat … energetic, extraordinary, different … Janina takes you on an exciting journey to Honolulu in her talk, where she has an experience that has changed her life permanently … she combines her powerful message with a very refreshing storytelling style … very great storytelling! Chapeau!”

Anne Schlickeisen

THE GRAPHIC SPEAKER (translated German testimonial)

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