The Work – 1:1 coaching

Book your “The Work” coaching with me.

Maybe you already know me, personally or for example from my podcast and know how much I love the method “The Work” by Byron Katie.

Or you have found me through the site of our German-speaking association (vtw – Verband für The Work) or through google.

In any case, I am happy if you want to work with me with “The Work” and look at your stressful thoughts with my help.


Stress is caused by stressful thoughts. Find out what exactly is stressing you out and question your thoughts.



How does the coaching work?

You book your appointment with me and we meet – online, at my office in Willich or for a walk together.

If you like, you can bring your specific topic to the coaching. Of course, you can bring a completed “Judge Your Neighbor” worksheet (if you already know “The Work”) – this is optional, so it’s not a must.

If you don’t know exactly what your topic is or what is stressing you out, we can also find out together during the appointment.