Work(place) organization


Do you know this?

  • Your employees (or you) are overwhelmed by their tasks.
  • Work is piling up on their desks or in their inboxes.
  • They lose track of the things that need to get done, which can lead to the following, for example:
    • dissatisfied clients
    • missed deadlines
    • stressed working atmosphere and maybe even stress related health problems

Wouldn’t it be wonderful:

  • if your employees could work in a much more relaxed and focused way?
  • if your work processes function well and are efficient?
  • if you could easily meet deadlines and deal with your customers in a relaxed and reliable way?

I support you to achieve this!

What does workplace consulting include?

Together we bring structure into your daily work routine, e.g. like this:

  • 30-minute preparation talk
  • individual consultation, duration 4 hrs:
    • status quo: what are the challenges?
    • analysis of current work processes and identification of potential for improvement
    • conceptual design: working out solutions together, answering questions, e.g.:
      • daily routine and possible future structuring
      • disturbances and possible ways of dealing with them
      • prioritization
      • daily handling of to-do lists, filing etc.
    • implementation: trial, apply, learn and adapt if needed
    • discussion of your individual questions
    • online or in person on site, as desired/agreed on
    • including a 30-minute final meeting with you as supervisor/your team to discuss next steps
    • brief documentation: I briefly document our meetings and, if desired, provide you/your team with material to support you in implementing them on a permanent basis.
  • check-up appointment 1-3 months after our consultation to discuss progress, questions, and new challenges, if applicable

Is this offer suitable for us?

  • We will find out best in a short conversation. Make a commitment-and cost-free appointment with me here or contact me by e-mail or phone.
  • After talking to each other, we can of course also adapt the contents of the workplace organization to your specific needs. The contents above are an example that apply to some clients.
  • I have been consulting self-employed people, freelancers and companies and their employees as a freelance business consultant since 2011. I have worked with clients from various industries and from over 40 nations. This has given me many different impressions and insights.