Here you can find an overview of my topics. Over the years I have accumulated quite a bit 😉

I would be happy to make you an individual offer for you or your company, for a training, coaching, consulting …

– You think I’m an expert on a topic and it’s not listed here? Feel free to contact me about it!



Career counseling

You want to change your career? Whether you want to apply for a job, change your profession, train yourself further or start your own business – I am the right partner for all of these topics. I have been supporting clients in these areas since 2011.

Even if you want to keep your job: Do you want to work on your career or on being happy in your current job again?

Check out my “Love what you do” podcast!

Job application training/Job interview training

You want to apply for a job and need support?
It’s been a while since you had a job interview?
You want to stand out from the competition?
Or don’t want to risk another rejection? Possible contents of an individual training can be:

  • Coaching session to analyze your professional interests and focus
  • If necessary, identification of reasons for previous rejections
  • Training for professional self-marketing in job interviews
  • Strategy development for the further application process


You want to apply for company education vouchers (betriebliche Bildungsschecks) for your company? I issue them for the VHS in Mönchengladbach Rheydt and am a certified consultant (“zertifizierte Bildungsscheckberaterin”).

Or would you like to use a company or individual education voucher for a training with me? That is also possible. Just talk to me about it.

With an individual or company education voucher (individueller oder betrieblicher Bildungsscheck) it is possible to get a part of a training financed. The conditions for this change regularly. You can receive more information about this from me.

Possible funding

You may be eligible for a funding if you want to work with me or if you want to book me for your company. For example, you may be able to use an education voucher (Bildungsscheck) for a training with me.

Feel your inner beat

What do you actually want? And how can you sustainably be there and care for yourself?

For me, “feel your inner beat” covers all kinds of topics: Self-love, mindfulness, awareness, stillness.

Often we have forgotten to “listen” to ourselves and thus to know: what we want, what we need, how to take care of ourselves.

I summarize it as “inner beat”:

  1. Take time for yourself.
  2. Listen to yourself.
  3. Stand by yourself.

For me, our own inner beat is the foundation: to know what we want and also to love what we do. That’s why it’s one of my big coaching topics.

Want to learn to feel your beat again? Great! I’m happy to help you with that in coaching.

Why “beat”? You can call it whatever you want. Whether it’s your “inner voice” or your “gut feeling” or just what you want or need is rather secondary. I came up with the word “beat” because I do Japanese drumming (Taiko) myself – and drumming and the beat are a beautiful metaphor for what I described above.

Feelings & emotions

Allowing feelings and dealing with feelings and emotions (e.g. anger, despair, sadness) is also an important part of my coaching work. On my “About me” page I describe how I myself have learned allowing and appreciating. Do you want to do that yourself? To feel more again? Do you want to perceive yourself, your feelings and your body better again? No matter if you don’t feel anything at all anymore or if you prefer to suppress only beautiful and bad feelings or if you can’t cry anymore. Due to my own experiences and my personal characteristics (among others highly sensitive and empathetic) I can accompany you well on your way.

Also look at the topic of “taking care of yourself” and self-love at: Feel your inner beat.

High sensitivity

Are you highly sensitive yourself and would like to learn more or do you want to find out how you can better respond to your partner or your children? I am highly sensitive and therefore an expert myself – and we can gladly make your high sensitivity the topic of our coaching: whether for yourself, for or with your child or to better understand others.

Best boss support & assistant training

Since 2012 I have been offering the topics “Best boss support” and “Basic assistant knowledge”, also as individual training for secretaries and assistants – and also very gladly as tandem training for boss and assistant: how do both sides work together in the best possible way?

Order and structure in the office

Is your desk a mess? Are you dreading your filing system?
Do you have thousands of messages in your e-mail inbox?
Or do you simply want more structure in your daily work routine?

With order and structure in your office, you can concentrate on your important tasks and work more stress-free.

Depending on your wishes, we take care of, for example:

  • free desks
  • a simple filing system and clear folders
  • a tidy e-mail inbox
  • a reliable to-do list
    (see also time management and workplace organization)

Personal development


As a coach, I have been working intensively on the topic of personal development for several years: with my clients and, of course, myself – and I also continue my education on a regular basis.

Typical topics can be: communication with others, dealing with conflicts, dealing with feedback (and criticism) and also everything else that falls under soft skills (social skills).

You want to be coached on the topic yourself or do a training on it with me? Or for your employees? Feel free to contact me.

Also check out the topic “taking care of yourself” and self-love at: Feel your inner beat.

Presentation training

You have to present often and want to learn how to do it better? Do you want to make sure that everyone listens to you?

Or you have hardly ever presented before and want to know what is important or overcome your fears?

It doesn’t matter if you are presenting as an executive, giving talks at events or moderating through events, or if you are presenting for the first time in your career or want to practice for an exam:

I’ve taught presenting to several hundred people in seminars and one-on-one training sessions, including students and apprentices.

Are you more interested in having me give a talk or present through an event yourself? Check out the Speaker and Moderator pages or contact me directly.

The Work (Byron Katie)

In 2014 I got to know “The Work of Byron Katie” and since 2016 I use this meditative approach a lot, with my clients and also myself. I like “The Work” so much that I have trained as a coach with the German speaking association (vtw, Verband für The Work).

Fancy a “The Work” coaching session? Here you can find more information.

Walking coaching

Walking coaching is actually what the word suggests 🙂

A combination of wandering and coaching: so we move while coaching. We can simply schedule our normal appointments (for most topics this works) as walking coaching. Depending on your fitness and physical condition, we can also just go very slowly.

The beauty of walking coaching is:

We are outside.

Through movement, many things move more easily, also within us.

We are not in a closed room, but are in the fresh air.

How does it work? Just discuss it with me and we’ll move our next appointment outside.

You want to do a longer walking coaching? That is also possible.

Time management

Missed a deadline again? Started too late with urgent tasks? Packed your schedule too full?

Time and self-management in job and private life is a challenge for many. A lack of good time management often ends in either a negative impression with colleagues/supervisors/customers or in severe stress or disputes. Through balanced time management, you can thus prevent stress-related illnesses such as burnout. I have been working on these topics with my clients for years: in individual training or for teams and I also give lectures on this topic.

By the way, I love to-do lists and have had good success with clients using them.

(see also “Order and structure in the office”)