Episode 19: How to reach your goal in small steps

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What is it like for you when you have something to do?

I know this about me, that I think big. For example start with going to the gym and go there as often as possible.

Do you also like to make big plans right away?

We have goals and want to go there.
And then everyday life comes in between. We notice that we still work in between, want to meet friends from time to time, have family, have obligations and even go shopping, prepare food and maybe do a little housework.
And suddenly, the noble plan is destroyed.
Then you didn’t do it today and think: tomorrow. And then it doesn’t work again. And if it hasn’t worked out for a few days, maybe we won’t do it at all.
We always find reasons not to do it. ABSOLUTELY makes NO sense any more to start doing it now 😉 

In Germany we even have a special expression for it: our „innerer Schweinehund“ is responsible for it. Translated it means something like „one’s weaker self“. It’s something like your inner „bastard“ or „skunk“, it’s just a little cuter and less hard in German.

For me it was just like that with gym. Training was important for me, because I wanted to build up muscle power again after my injury. I had established a wonderful routine. I went there several times a week, trained and then sat in their café and wrote my book or thought about podcast content. And I loved that routine.
And then: I was really sick for a few days, with fever, no strength and strong pain.
Gym routine gone.

And then my inner „Schweinehund” started crying, too: “I can’t go, my head still hurts and then it gets worse again.”
I couldn’t even stand up against him properly, because the little guy could even be right about it.

What can we do in such a case?
There’s a great tip on this, which I first read ages ago in a book by Vera Birkenbihl, a great German management trainer. Just start – no matter how small!
The main thing is that you start.
In her example it’s like this: If you want to start running and you notice that you can’t overcome yourself, put on the running clothes first. A next step could be to go to the next street corner. And next time a little further. 
Do you think this is silly? Then you might as well go running at all? Well, who would stop you from doing that? 😉

Very important: really take it like that. Today the small step is enough for now. And tomorrow you will take one more. Then your inner „Schweinehund” won’t have anything to complain about anymore.

Does that work?
Yes – totally. I just tested it again.
After a few days of chatting to my „skunk”, I was just near my gym. I sat down on my regular sofa and had a coffee.
And I planned to do that again the next day. And YES, I started training again right away.

No matter how many steps you need:
I wish you a lot of fun when you start! 
And always remember: Better small steps than none! 

Be happy & be light

Love Janina

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