Episode 1: Intro – Love what you do podcast

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In August I launched my German podcast „Liebe was du tust“ and it was already on my mind that it’s a shame that none of my English speaking friends would understand it. A few days later I had this deep and touching videochat with my friend Anna who lives in California. She is a somatic coach and we exchange coaching ideas and methods. After that I went out for a walk with my dog Bella. It was nighttime and we walked together in this really silent and peaceful atmosphere and I was reflecting our talk. Anna said something about what we could bring to the world. And I felt the idea growing to translate my podcast into English, for my friends.
I can’t promise how frequently I publish my episodes because the focus is still on my German podcast. And you will have to deal with my accents that always vary depending on my last vacation and the Netflix series I currently watch. I mean if you know me you already know my accents. It is not supposed to be perfect. Perfectly pronounced, correct in all words. It is just something that comes from my heart.

So in this episode I will introduce myself and tell you what the podcast is about. The following episodes will be the „real“ podcast with my stories and my impulses.

In 2011 I went to Australia for ten weeks and decided to not go on working as an employed consultant but to become self-employed after working as an employee for several companies for nine years.

With all the things that I loved back then: consulting, training and coaching in all areas of self marketing and organization.
I love to realize things and that’s why I directly started with a business coach training and start to prepare my self employment. And in November it happend: I was self-employed. And finally I didn’t live for the weekends but was looking forward to every next day.
I always say: Since I am self-employed I love every day of the week.

While being self-employed I learned a lot. And I helped more and more clients to love what they do. No matter if they had to change totally what they do or just adjusted some minor things.

My clients are totally different, from 20 to 60, from Germany or immigrated, with university degrees or without any graduation. And I do my consultations in German or English and sometimes also a bit hands, feet and whatever it takes.
But one thing do my clients have in common: They want to love how they live there life: again, finally or even more as they already do.

Love what you do for me is not only love for our work. Work is a big part of our lives but quite not everything.
Love what you do includes for me the following areas as well:

  • our life
  • our free time
  • our life circumstances
  • how we interact with others
  • and, also very important: how we treat ourselves

By now you can find a lot titles for what I do:
Consultant, coach, moderator, speaker and now also podcaster.
For me it’s important that I can do all of that with love and enthusiasm.

And this is what I would love you to get from my podcast: Be more in love and joy.
To get to know yourself better and to love yourself more. To be courageous.

I am really excited to experience how the podcast is going to be. My episodes will be sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. I will tell you about my own experiences, about observations, about books and people that inspired me and I will interview people that I find great, that have to tell an awesome story or that widened my horizon.

Enjoy the first episode.

Be happy & be light

Love, Janina

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