Episode 2: We could become everything – if we just knew what we wanted

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I am sitting in a small artisanal coffee shop in Cuxhaven in Germany and I am enjoying a latte.
Next to me there are two girls sitting, laughing, eating cake.
One of them says „I admire that those two already know exactly what they wanna do“ and then that she has no idea on what to do yet.
Although I don’t fully listen I am picking up some keywords: studies – do we really wanna work in an office – macroeconomics isn’t that boring? – what is actually the difference to microeconomics – and what kind of subjects does that include – these two will directly start in September

Interesting. This and some other snatches of their conversation let me guess that they just did their A-levels.
Wow, it’s been a long time since I graduated. 17 years actually.
Normally I would start talking to them. I could say so many things to their questions, the ones that they asked and the unspoken ones.
Telling them how important it is to do something they love. Describing my experiences. And also saying, that they don’t have to be afraid to make a decision now. It’s not as if we have to work what we learned till the end of our lives.
Even changing our minds is okay. If I just look at my career I totally know that it’s not totally straight forward. Or rather not what I thought what I would work one day when I did my A-levels.
And still, everything makes sense just as I did it.

Wow, such a luxury! So many options for all of us. Living in Germany means that we could work everything that we want – in theory. Nowadays and in Germany almost all doors are open to us.
I got to know some clients via a funding from our state North-Rhine-Westfalia that didn’t have this luxury and had or wanted to leave their countries.

I am just feeling so passionate and joyful about this that I would love to poke them and tell them: „Oh my god isn’t that great? You could become EVERYTHING! If you just dream what do you wanna be? What would you love to do every day? What fills your heart with passion and joy?“

Instead of chatting them up I let their words fade out slowly.
After all I am here for myself. My last weeks were turbulent and packed. Some times the stuff that happened was so loud that I had trouble to still hear myself.

Now I ended up alone for a few days in Cuxhaven, in a wonderful apartment.
And I decided: me time. Time just for myself.

The bedroom on the upper floor is illuminated in an amazing way and I am using it for meditating, for sorting my thoughts and to build my new vision board.

My smartphone is in flight mode since about 24 hours. (I can’t say exactly as I don’t know at all what time it is.) And just like that I am sitting here in this cafe on a Saturday afternoon, just with myself, over a latte and I can finally listen to myself.

Just a few days ago I talked with a client about how she wants to develop her career. She wanted to figure out with my support what would fill her with joy again. During our coaching we figured out that she has not a clue at all what she wants, neither professional nor private.

In our turbulent and hectic everyday life, with all those constant and often appreciated distractions it happens very easy to lose the focus on ourselves, to be influenced from our surroundings or that we just go with the flow that is very powerful.

That’s why I can just recommend you to spend time with just yourself: To get to know yourself and to listen to yourself. To be able to respond to yourself and your needs and to figure out what you really want.

I wish you an awesome time doing that!

Be happy and be light

Love Janina

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